April 25th, 2016


I glanced these stunning Valentino boots while photographing the beautiful Louisa Goltz at her Berlin apartment yesterday. These boots look like a piece of art and I am thinking they would upgrade any of my rather minimal outfits. Which is probably what Louisa thought when she got them, and one could tell she never regretted the purchase. So this is a case for getting that one of a kind piece that you will love for a long time, the piece that is colourful instead of simple. To me this happened with by Celine knit dress, I feel like it’s a collector’s item and I know I will love the design in years to come. and now looking at these shoes off course I feel like I missed out one a special piece to collect.

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  • Silvia April 27th, 2016

    Oh these are beautiful! I couldn’t agree more – a one of a kind piece is what really
    personalizes an outfit. And the best thing about it – whether it is jewelry or a purse or
    a pair of great shoes – is that it will always make you smile when you wear it.

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