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November 7th, 2012

continuing the theme of the week (remember ? French Vogue dressing, black, maybe grey, tweed, jeans …) the self experiment.

This is my new favorite sweater and addition for the winter, a black chunky knit thing from Repeat that I found while department store shopping last week. It’s made from Merino wool which is another amazing discovery for me – I am usually extremely bothered by wool, I get red marks on my skin right away and won’t wear it without long arm shirts underneath but I can wear this sweater almost on my bare skin, yeah.

The other surprises that I only found because I finally did my ‘winter cleaning’ and reorganized my closet, are the skirt and pants by Zara, they actually fit really well.

And finally my favorite ankle boots, the very walkable Chloé’s.

If you like this type of sweater the luxury Bottega Veneta cashmere version can be found here, the regular wool by COS version here and I also like this one by Alexander Wang.


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