Girls on Bikes in Heels

September 27th, 2011

garance-6161Fashion Week in sunny Milan is over and I just arrived in Paris to find again some more summery weather, this is really making up for a cold august in Berlin. On my last day in Milan I caught this picture of one of my favorite bloggeuses, Garance Doré, and I have a little secret to reveal … ( I hope she wouldn’t mind) First of all, I respect her for conquering Milan in these shoes on a bicycle, I think I would kill myself even in flats with the Italian style traffic here. And I found out something funny, she does the same thing I do in Berlin, she puts socks on the pedals !! I love this as a contrast to her chic outfit and Fendi bag … I can really recommend this to save your new fancy heels and also to avoid slipping – but really, I would love to find a store that sells a more beautiful version of ‘bike socks’ … any ideas ?


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