London, Streetstyle

Lucy Chadwick

February 22nd, 2012

I can’t believe that I was just in London, it passed so quickly and now I am already in Milan. I’m so exhausted, that I feel like someone else is posting this, totally not feeling my body anymore. There were beautiful street-looks in London, but it was such a mess getting around by tube and trying not to get hit by busses coming from the right, ahemm or the left … exactly, I’m just out of it. Arriving to Milan today, the marathon continued, I was literally so tight on time, that I had to go straight from the airport to the Gucci show to shoot … I am so happy to be here though, Milan feels like such a retreat after London, there is space, haah, the light is just amazing and it’s perfect temperature, so I am really looking forward to the coming days.

Well and after all of these excuses of why I’ve been so busy, here are some first favorite looks from London, and let me say the more simple and less crazy ones for now. There seems to be a trend for colored leather jackets, I love this yellow one, it’s a beautiful pastel and so cool with the blue jeans and  and the Acne Alice shoes in turquoise, just amazing. I wonder if there comfortable to walk in, might need to try that … well and then there is the lovely Lucy Chadwick, how pretty is the blue and white combo.

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