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October 12th, 2012

Let me present you with a rare opportunity: a photo of myself … aaahhhh.

I am not planing on doing a personal style blog here, but since I am writing about things I like it might be about time to show a photo of a look I actually like on myself on a typical day of fashionweek. The photos are not retouched (yet …, simply do to the discussion I had about retouching the other day with my friends, if you see the photos in a few weeks and wonder how good I look, then that’s the retouched version) So here I am end of the day with only traces of make-up left and my signature undereye bags.

This is how it came to the photo: After the Valentino show in the Tuileries I congratulated Hanneli on managing to stop and take a photo of Natalia Vodianova who was surrounded and escaping  a cloud of Papparazzi. Some other things happened that I prefer to not write about, let’s just say I was slightly embarrased, but it was funny … So anyways, it turned out the Hanneli and I spent a really fun afternoon in Paris, taking pictures, having coffee and Framboises, checking out the Miu Miu store and me maybe acting a bit like a silly fan at times. Besides her obvious beauty, I always connected to her style and color choices and she impressed me by her ambition and attention to detail. I love her photography and would like to see even more photos on her Blog, but the ones she posts are always stunning. So at the end of the day I admitted that I would love to be shopping with her some day to get some styling advice. That didn’t happen yet but there are some little things she did to my outfit that day that worked !

– take the socks off (yes right here on the street …), shorten the Jeans (with the fast undertuck method – let’s try to put your hair losely together not open … then practicing the photo WALK, I think it’s a signature walk that Hanneli invented for streetstyle photographers, after getting bored of serious and stiff subjects. So here you go, me trying for a good photo in some of my favorites things:

White Acne Jeans, Kooples Blazer and Silk blouse, Acne Mohair sweater, my big Prada ‘equipment’ bag, earrings and long necklace by Arena Kopenhagen, small necklace and triple ring by Matières a réflexion in Paris, shoes are old favorites, something Italian without laces and original Tuileries dust.

Et voilà 😉 I am left with having to crop all my jeans, work on my hair style and and, maybe I just stay behind the camera.

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