May 4th, 2012

today is a good day ! Even though I was woken up by my screaming neighbor again it doesn’t matter, I’m so exited. The sun is out, Marc Jacobs is in town and I will have a chance to take some pictures and the Sartorialist twittered yesterday ‘Berlin is on fire ! The expression of style is really strong here right now. …’, should I care ? honestly, it makes me kind of happy, especially since I grew up here and have a kind of ambiguous relation to the city, thinking that style-wise we cannot keep up with cities like Milan and Paris and in general elsewhere is always better. You know what: my challenge for this year will be to love Berlin again !

And here you go with some happy prints on prints, colors on colors and arm candy in my favorite combination on amazing Elisa, Viviana and Tamu ! (still not from berlin but from milano)

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